I actually just found spideynova, and the first thing that came to mind was I bet at some point peter would end up calling Sam starshine, then, being the evil little asshole I am, decided it had to be a sad thing and so I assumed someone like his mother or sister would have called him that, so it makes it very hard not to start sobbing when peter would call him that. ouo im uh, kind of a jerk, sorry <3

Uhh… too long to read…for japanese…sorry


nobody 5th grader flirts like these two.


nobody 5th grader flirts like these two.

There were a few spideynova moments in the second episode!

I’ll check it!!!!! Thanks so much

Did you saw any fluff lately with Spideynova in season 3? c:

I couldn’t see season3 yet!!!!! I want you to tell me if you find spideynova stuff in new series… I really wanna see it(;o;)


Fruit Helmuts [weibo]

I was inspired by latest reblog…


sam visits family and leaves peter stupid video messages



Sam Alexander/Nova in season 1 of Ultimate Spider-Man

I love your NSFW spideynova especially the last ones of Sam.

Ahahaha thank you